Do You Know The Igbo Traditional Dance?


From the point of view of an Igbo woman, The Atilogwu is percularly recognized among the Igbos. 

It is the traditional dance of my people  that is regularly enacted during cultural festivals and other Igbo heritage events. 

The dance though, has become very popular...around our country, Nigeria and even so much that some people all over the world have acquired a fascination to it.

There is one catch though, a lots of energy is required to perform it so its mostly left for the youths...but enjoyed by all. 

It takes years to learn so most of us start learning to dance it from a young age.

To dance The Atilogwu, you must be flexible o because it entails a lot of body movements...

A formation of 5people  with bright coloured dress attires is just enough to dance it. The movements include men jumping, doing skillful flips, turns, climbing and falling down from another dancer.

The music to The Atilogwu is majorly from a flute with its rhythm matching the tempo of the dance. Other musical instruments include the "Ogene," a metal instrument and a drum.

The Atilogwu dance is basically an art that can induce happiness and oneness among our people.

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