Did you know it's important not to shave your private parts? After reading this, you'll never shave your pubic hair.

How important is the pubic hairs? 

Large percentage of both men and women do shave their pubic hair all by choice .


This is an intimate choice to many though some experts feel like this is a misleading attempt towards an individual's hygiene.


It's important to note that pubic hair do exist whenever they're for a reason and they're purposeful.



In this article I'm going to highlight  importance of the pubic hair.


1. Protection against bacteria .


Bacteria in the body



This precisely goes most probably to the ladies. Public hair acts as barrier against unwanted bacteria and other infections.It also prevent you from the dust and other disease causing pathogens from reaching you down there . For instance , it's important to leave your pubic hair to grow and protect yourself from getting infections.



2. Protection against ingrown hair .


Ingrown hair



Have you ever realized that if you frequently shave your hair you end up developing some stunted hairs on your skin?


These hairs are not easy to remove especially in the most sensitive body parts like the pubic areas.


If these hairs are not removed they end up turning into annoying blackheads and may definitely cause some other skin related problems .


It's good to leave your down there unshaved to avoid such problems.



3. Protection against sexually transmitted diseases.


Sexually transmitted diseases


In this Case your personal hygiene is a prerequisite for the hairs to implement the task .


First of all you must keep them clean as possible .


The hair will trap the bacteria and other other disease causing pathogens from getting into contact with your skin thus reducing the risk of transmission.


4. Protection against itching 


Itching private part

You all know that and freshly shaved skin is left as very soft surface which appears very smooth at the beginning but immediately the hair starts growing the surface of the skin becomes itchy. 

Especially the private parts which are always soft, the moment the hair starts sprouting after a shave it always disturbs due to itching. 

Therefore to reduce the risk of getting itchy pubic parts it's important to avoid shaving. 


5. Protection against vaginal dumbing. 


Dumbing of the vagina

It's okay for a body to sweat you all know that, right? 

Just like any other parts of the body, vagina too is entitled to sweat. 

The pubic hair in vagina therefore helps in trapping the sweats thus avoiding dumbing of this sensitive part of the ladies body. 

For instance, it's important to let your pubic hair to grow. 


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