Davido saves crew member who almost who almost drowned while shooting video

The Afro-pop superstar Davido is a celebrated musician who has seen  his music career become one of the biggest music prospect in Nigeria and is also published worldwide.



Lately In a interview with Tv journalist Ebuka, he exposed that the urge to make uncanny wealth was never the primary reason why he got into the music industry,

but instead his impulse and excitement for music is why he took to become a musician.


The head leader of DMW music worldwide,also stated that he would become a "billionaire in dollars" if he intented to pick a job at one of his father's companies instead of doing recording songs.



Unlike others who gain popularity and forgets those he grew up with Davido is still tied to a Number of his crew who began making music with him since day one.

And those who are oppurtuned to be close to Davido have ever since depicted him as a cool person with a awesome personality.



After executing the action, Davido wearing a white shirt was walking away when he released that the guy he kicked into the pool could not swim, or was having difficulty swimming and was likely going to drown



The reaction which he displays depict that he was terrified and also very anxious about the guy's safety that he  reacted first in making an attempt to rescue him. 



This is not the first time davido had shown his humane personality towards others, in several occasions he is captured on  some video footage,

either dancing and singing along the children of rural areas or giving out million naira rewards to some individual who earned it.


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