Cultural Prejudice: Pressure men face as a husband in the society.

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It is well known and agreeable that in most culture all around the world, that men are the head of the house,

and that men should be the provider for his family.

My topic today will be base on my own views of how culture in my part of the world affect men in my society.


Today i won't be talking about who should be the head of the house, today i will be talking about how old culture beliefs we still practise

has put unnecessary pressure on men in the society and how it has ruined relationships and marriages,

but not just that, and also how this cultural beliefs has made men insecure and have made men have low self-esteem. 


I will began with what happened four weeks back when i and my dad with some of his workers were watching a Yoruba drama movie.

The movie was about a husband jealous of his wife success, it is to be known that the husband went bankrupt when his business was not going well, but luckily his wife was a successful business woman.

Let's go straight to the point, there was a scene were by the husband in the movie was celebrating his birthday day in their living room with a small group of friends and loved ones,

when it was time for giving birthday gifts, he received from his friends and thank them, so when it was time for his wife to give her loving husband his birthday gift,

she brought out a car key and told her husband that it was the key to the car she bought for him as his birthday present, instead of the husband to thank his wife he didn't,

what he did was to accuse her of showing off her wealth to everyone, so that they can know that she wealthy and he is broke, meaning he is not man enough for his family.

When we the viewers get to that scene i was laughing because i find it rather funny and i think the husband of the woman is an insecure man.

I told my dad my opinion but he said and i qoute "in our culture the woman should not have given the man his gifts in front of the

people around because the man will feel ashame, she should have given him privately", to which i still don't get, because i

believe gift giving is a form of expressing your love to someone not showing off especially when the person is your husband.


What i want us to notice in all i have said is how the cultural prejudice that a man should be the one to provide for the family is ruining that marriage.

Am not saying a man should not provide for his family, what am saying is that in this day and age a woman can also provide for her family and that doesn't mean her husband is incompetent or not man enough as they say, because money or wealth knows no gender and anyone can become wealthy be it man or woman.

I think this old traditional practices can not be apply to today's society, because during the olden days the reason why most people believe a man should provide for his family is because the ways of earning wealth has to do with physical strength and men are known to be physically powerful than women.

This practices works for their society during that time, but we as of this generation should know that it doesn't apply in this era because you don't need to be physically powerful for you to earn income,

it doesn't matter if you are a man or a woman, you can be in your office and make millions.


We should do away with cultural prejudice beliefs that put pressure on us as a particular gender and live our life with high self-esteem and understand that not all cultural beliefs in the past are applicable in the present. Let us stand up and strive for the reformation of our culture.


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