Court summation put Hon. Jarigbe Agom fully on the race of senatorial by-election in northern Cross River State.


The recent people democratic party primaries for northern senatorial by-election to replace the demised senator Rose Oko in northern Cross River State brought forth controversial candidates.


Many contestants has been claiming winners over the election after the primaries. Federal and States exco-members of the party has projected and declared different candidates as winners and party flag bearer for the people democratic party.


These has created confusion, division and disparity among members which has led to factionalism in the party.Chiefly among the candidates for this struggle are Hon.Jarigbe Agom and Dr Stephen Odey. 


Dr Stephen Odey was announced by the state faction of the people democratic party through mass medias. Hon. Jarigbe Agom having been declared by the federal faction of the party has gone to court to claim his mandate. These has force Dr Stephen Odey to repose on the judgement of a higher court which is yet to come.

Elites of the district blames the disarray of the party on the government. They believe that, the unruly matter is created by the governor who had projected Dr Stephen Odey against the wish of the people and insist on imposing him on them against the popular candidate Hon Jarigbe Agom.


Barely ten days to the election which is due on the 5th, December 2020. The members and electorates of the party are confused as the Independent national electoral commission (INEC) has not come out to identify the authentic flag bearer of the people democratic party(PDP) through any media.


Most of the electorates are contemplating and beginning to defect to the All progressive party(APC). They see Joe Agi as an outstanding and better candidate. Many are refusing to risk their vote on the people democratic party(PDP) for fear of the governor imposing Dr Stephen Odey on them. 


An interview with some of Hon Jarigbe Agom closest allies reveal that, he is fully on the race and will not be pulling out or backing down for any reason.



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