conflicting interest

Chapter one 

Musa was born in a remote Village we are settling into family life by marrying early and breeding children had preference over the modern trend of pushing Western education and white-collar career either in public or private.

Born in Gbongbonfu, he was compelled to marry while still a boy in school. But against the practice of his people, monster was trying hard to earn white man's civilization.

Tourist fellow villagers, this was a sheer unrealizable dream that could only be conceived buy a lazy man who could not cope with the traditional occupation, which is the farming. So to them, Musa Western dream was rebellious and must be stoped.


His ambition to become a medical doctor was being sabotage by his uncles who wanted Musa to end up like their own children who were already married with children without having Western education and any visible means of livelihood. Musa Desire was in agreement with his father's wish for him to become a doctor.


Unfortunately his father's dream to see his son become a doctor was cut short when mallam kolo died. Musa was still in junior secondary school.

Is Father's death almost shattered Musa's hope as started having difficulties in concentrating on his education. In fact everything about Musa live go to disorganised and his once bright future was in shambles.



Musa's young wife who was the worst hit by the difficulties that came up after her father's in-low's death. As a young girl who married early without preparation for supporting family life she could not hide her frustrations when faced with the challenges of family life.

Musa, she called are equally frustrated husband.

Yes, Amaria, Musa answered.

Please tell me how long will this suffering last? She asked innocentlly.

Well, I don't know for now. But what I am sure of is that there must be an end to this soon when I finish school. Even if I cannot become a medical doctor as I intended I can get a civil service job and we will live in a better life. Just bear with me for now because as the saying goes no condition is permanent.

Alright my husband. let's hope so.

Though Musa spoke hope into his wife, he was secretly troubled there pathetic condition, some time wishing he never married. He was conscious of the fact that is early marriage was an obstacle to his ambition.

This notwithstanding is passionate desire to acquire Western education and secure a white collar job encouraged him as well as serve as a source of motivation for him.

He occasionally teases his wife that she will one day become the wife of the first senior civil servant in their Village since no one had ever had the level of education he intend to attain. The young pretty Aisha would smile shyly to this as it encourages her to endure the hardship they are facing.

To make ends meet, Musa continue to struggle hard,  schooling and doing menial jobs since he had no one to run to for assistance. His brothers had abandoned him even when their father was still alive.

They we are not happy that he was their parents most favourite child being the most obedient among them.

Is humble and dutyful character endeared him to the parents especially the father who always expressed his love for Musa at the displeasure of his brothers. So when their father passed away it was like enhn! Let's se how you will survived and achieve your dream.

Musa young wife in the long run shared in this scepticism and bowed to the pleasure of hardship leaving Musa devastated in serious time of need. She fell to be a friend in need and a friend indeed.

But rather than discourage Musa his brothers taunting attitude and the wife's departure fired him and he was determined to succeed against all odds.

Even they're coming from a very poor background did not stop Musa from nurturing is ambition to studying medicine to become the first medical doctor in his entire community.

So issue is education vigorously not minding the hardship he was facing. Schooling and working in the farm was tasking for the young Musa.

Despite his determination to succeed, at a point, things became unbearable for him and he was compelled to approach his people for help to enable him continue with his education.

So since he had no other place to go, Musa went to his brothers and pleaded for assistance but they did not cooperate with him.

Instead, they sent him out of his father's house.this act of wickedness was inflicted on Musa for simply deciding to pursue a course of action that would not only improve his life but that of his entire people and community.

The sack from his father's house, which compounded his problems, became a serious price he had to pay for daring to stand for his conviction to pursue the path of modernity.



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