"come and join us"... Friends invite the government to come drink with them on a bad road,


Yesterday, being the 29th of October, Three unidentified personnel in Owerri, Imo State posted a photo on social media that quickly spread out large after the three friends organized a beer party  in the middle of the bad route probably to get the attention of the government to at least consider the vast bad wretched highways in the local government area.

After publishing the interesting footage on their various social media accounts, the three friends later summoned the  government of the state to look in to this problem the people of the community has been facing for a long time, "we pled with you the Nigerian government, look into this problem solving our people have been facing for long".

the roads in the state which undeniably look horribly as displayed in the picture, 

they complained seriously for more than 5hrs and spoke out all their challenges baffling the community. 

As shown in the picture the three friends, relaxing and flexing in the center of the dirt-road as they drank and complained dramatically.

“we has a wonderful time with some of my friends today, and I can tell it was worth it, sincerely speaking the indigene of this community are are being punished and I believe it’s high time we lay out our compliant concerning the government are handling this in the community.

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