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After staring back into my room, I stood in front of the large mirror in my room and began to praise myself.

I like to have a lot of body fat — especially the round butts with firm nipples that fill my chest tightly.




If you look at the size of your breasts and look at the size of your body, you will surely say that God has given me great things.


They are the first thing that is noticed in my body. But I don't care. It makes me happy to see them. My nipples are not very large but they are a bit about the same size.

Their color matching the rest of my nipples impressed them the most. That is, they are slightly darker than the rest of the body. There was a flash of light in their mouths.


If I put on a little shirt like this you will see me walking announcing their presence. I even thought I was wearing a long dress without a breast shirt! Some men even jump up and down and you can see their eyes.

My long mustache matched my body shape perfectly. Here is her face. I take good care of my face. You know, this is not a job in a nice city like Jos.

I didn't pay attention to the boys even though our schoolmates were following her. There were times when some came and said that we should form a group of young girls and high school girls to harass them.

I don't know why I'm bothering them, I just don't like this kind of wasting time. The other girls all think I'm not who I am but even set her up.

I know I can deal with all the guys I like but I just take them all for granted and the other girls I take for granted — not only do they want to be taken care of but they also need to be taken care of. The scribes thought it was a joke.

I am not like them. That's how I want my life. Friends of men and women are self-controlled. I know they think I'm out of class but I realize I don't want to say or do anything to reassure them of their expectations.

That is to say, what impresses me about them is that they are all educated and civilized. Each part is erased. At night I lie down and start thinking about what happened during the day.

Why am I not ashamed to be seen in this situation? Why did I even feel more aroused then? Why didn't I punish myself for what happened?

Why do I want it to happen again? I once read the history of a drunkard. My fondest recollection of history is where the drunkard said, Now I have every reason to drink alcohol.

I don't blame myself for being a drunk. ” When I considered the statement, I decided to say, "I am a bully and I will not be ashamed even if I am beaten in the market!"

Since I admitted I was a bully I understood everything. Now my next task is to fulfill my dream of being marketed in public.

I have no choice but to fulfill this dream of mine. Where do I start? .. can you eat it in the market? Malamin Gindi

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