Check how the environment controls your mind

The word Environment is a compound phrase with different channels. Environment could be internal or external. What makes an environment unique is how you take care of it.

Advantages of clean environment

1. It promote healthy living e.g reduce the breeding of mosquitoes.

2. It encourage good communication.

3. Good breath among others

When an environment is not healthy it distrup good communication and hence bad breath.There are lot of human factor that could bring about this, some of which are;

* Improper disposal of refuse: when refuse/ sewage waste are not disposed separately. CAN for CANS Waste,Plastic for plastics waste,metals for metals and so on.People need to be sensitized about proper disposal of waste, for example chemical industries,farmers,Households and community at large need to be remided and addressed about about proper waste disposal.The danger of improper disposer has a long term effects on life's including aquatic form of lives.Some of the effect are non biodegradable. It could last for more than a thousand years.Most of the industries and farmers release toxic chemicals which percolate into the soil,some of which wash down to the streams ,lakes and rivers.Some Emits into the atmosphere,get into the stratosphere and begin to cause damage on the ozone layer which has lead to some of the common diseases today e.g eye cataracts, acid rain among others. The fish we eat and some of the veges are highly toxic but because we are careless about what we eat,it becomes a disease.Some toxic substance are accumulated into the body via what you eat from time to time which has lead some to terminal disease.

In conclusion, when the environment is untidy it keeps the mind negative.Happiness revolves around clean places."God factor "resides in clean environment. Make it a date to stay clean..


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