The Truth Behind Charlie Charlie Challenge demonic game trending in Nigeria How To Play

The story of Charlie Charlie, the game "demonic" that conquered the internet.

The heir and child of the "cup game", which is to invoke a spirit that responds to questions of the future, arose in the social networks and it spread around the world as a proof of the virality global.

Charlie Charlie, a game and an urban legend of the internet that reached a popularity sudden and unexplained, he reached the top of the trends in social networking over the past few days, after a long time lurking sites in Spanish.

So far, #CharlieCharlieChallenge has been tested by more than 1.6 million people on social media Facebook Twitter and YouTube. "Charlie Charlie" keywords is currently ranking on google than any other news event.

How do you play Charlie Charlie in Nigeria?

  • It is easy, can be done with a sheet of paper. The first step is to open the social network of video clips and started filming.

  • The second step is to draw a cross on a sheet of paper. In two of the quadrants resulting you should write "no", and in the other, "yes.



  • Then you must put two pencils overlapping in each axis of the cross drawn, which overlap in the center.


  • The last step is to say: "Charlie, Charlie, are you there?" and ask a question such as: "what will Die soon one of my friends?", or "I'll make a trip next year?". One of the pencils will move towards the answer, frightening the player.

Origin of Charlie Charlie Challenge

While it is difficult to mark a country of origin, Charlie Charlie has a long history as a game of playground in some Spanish-speaking countries.

According to a survey seven years ago at Yahoo! Answers, Spanish children have played this "classic" for generations.

Traditionally, this version is called the "play pen", a phrase that still shows a lot of scary tricks in Google. Charlie Charlie was a different game, played with colored pencils.

At some point, in his travels through the internet and through the courtyards, the two games are mixed. In any case, both have always had connotations of demonic or supernatural.

For example, a site called the game as "table tipping table of the poor" Of Dominican to the world.

It is always difficult to know why these things are done trend, but this opportunity seems to have arisen at the end of April in the province of Hato mayor in the Dominican Republic.

By then, a string of local tv made a report alarmist (and funny, although unintentionally) about the game "satanic" that was being played in more schools.

From there it spread in social networks in the dominican republic.

By mid-may, Charlie Charlie was a trend on Twitter, from where he jumped the rest of Spanish speaking countries and then to the united States and Africa including Nigeria Ghana south Africa keyan and Uganda.

No one knows who is Charlie. The theories ranging from that it is a child's suicide, a victim of a traffic accident, or a pagan deity to a mexican who is now allied with the devil a christian.

Is Charlie Charlie challenge dangerous in Nigeria?

Given that there are no people on fire or inhaling dangerous substances, Charlie Charlie seems to be quite harmless.

Anyway,according to the popular legends, Charlie pursues the players to not say good-bye to him after that play.

And there are those who do not like the idea that the children continue to call upon demons, whether they exist or not.

While it is not dangerous, the Charlie is an exemplary case of the virality and how things extend beyond the languages and cultures via the internet.

It is also another example of the power of teens online. Their games can be pretty silly, but you have managed to popularizarlos in the network.


Is Charlie Charlie an Evil Spirit?

The Charlie Challenge is evil spirit a guy ask him on his demonstrations videos if he is an evil spirit and the pencils turn to yes. Nigerians should stopped playing Charlie Charlie now.


Charlie Charlie Challenge

is Charlie Charlie an Evil spirit.

Video is Here


What have you experienced after playing Charlie Charlie Challenge drop your thoughts on comment section.

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