Nigerian man killed a Blue Marlin Fish worth 1.2 billions naira



This Fish was caught by a Man in Warri, Delta State Nigeria two days ago.

Ignorance is Worse than Poverty. The man actually killed and ate the Fish together with his village people. The truth is that they didn't know that thw Fish is worth about 2.6 Million Dollars (which is 1.2 Billion Naira). 🙆


The fish is actually the BLUE MARLIN FISH which is One of the Fastest Fishes on Earth.
One KG of the fish is estimated to be worth about 30,000 dollars (which is 14 Million Naira).


The Whole Fish would have been sold for 2.6 million dollars (Check the price on Google).


Source: From Fola Smith Facebook Wall

Blue Marlin Fish catch in Warri

This man caught this fish two days ago in Warri, Delta State Nigeria and killed it. 😭😭😭
Ignorance is the same thing with poverty.😭😭
That man killed that fish and ate with his village people because he didn't know that fish is worth 2.6 million dollars which is 1.2 billion naira. 🙆🙆😭😭😭
That fish is Blue Marvin fish which is one of the fastest fishes on earth.
One KG of that fish is 30,000 dollars which is 14 million naira.

That whole fish, he would have sold it for 2.6 million dollars.
Check the price in Google.
The man didn't know. 😭😭
You see how God gives people opportunities but they still die poor?
😭😭😭😭 ...

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