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For the newbies I'm going to talk about what and how  "Blenkas  advertising agency" works


What is blenkas?

Blenkas media company was created by a team of experienced networkers with  an intention of giving back online users what they deserves. 


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We, at Blenkas, believe you should get paid for the content you create, the comment you make/discussions, and also the video you post. Blenkas is here to give back!



Blenkas company Ltd is also an online marketing agency that deals on crypto trading/advertisements and as well as building an organic fan base for social media elites.



Blenkas makes money through Advertising/Traffic which is shared amongst our eligible members evenly without biased, using the following legitimate sources




Do I need to refer before I withdraw on blenkas?



_In Blenkas, referal is not necessary, even if you refer or not, you will still get paid handsomely._



*How much do I need to pay to validate my membership?* 


_Blenkas registration fees are ₦2,000 and ₦4,000 respectively. Higher plan attracts bigger earnings, so choose your plan wisely


*Do I need to pay any other fee after registration?* 


_No, it's one time payment, you don't need to make any other payment after registration



How do I withdraw my earnings on blenkas?



_Withdrawal is weekly, and our minimum withdrawal threshold is ₦5,000. You withdraw basically on Sundays and get paid within 24hrs


Please NOTE: Referrals are paid every Sundays while non Referrals are paid on the 28th of each month


*What's B-Airdrop:*


 _(Blenkas AIRDROP) an airdrop in Blenkas simple means unannounced giveaway : we tend to reward our most active members spontaneously without any prior notice. It


That's for the active commenters,the first ten people to comment on sponsor post



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