Bio bus the first bus powered by human faces

The bio bus or poo bus is the first bus in the world powered entirely by human faeces and food waste.

Bio Bus

The bio bus or the poo bus which can be found in the UK is a 40 seater bus that was developed by Geneco, a company that centers on renewable energy.


The bus can travel up to 300 kilometres with a full tank of gas which is equivalent to the annual waste of around five people and it also produces 30% less carbon dioxide and 80% less nitrogen oxide than its diesel powered counterparts.


The gas used by the bus is generated by bristol sewage works run by processes around 75 million cubic metres of sewage and 35,000 tonnes of food waste collected from households, supermarkets and food manufacturers each year.

A total of 17 million cubic metres of biomethane (equivalent to the power needs of 8,300 homes) is generated each year at the plant through a process known as anaerobic digestion.



The bus is an effective way to get rid of human and food waste but however the bus has to travel up to seven miles from the city center to the sewage treatment plant for refueling making it less economic to run.



The bio car which was also modified by geneco is a Volkswagen beetle which can also run on human waste and petrol and is a good alternative to electric vehicles.


Watch The Bio Bus Video From here


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