Best Android games under 100mb

 5) Shadow Fight

Great fighting games on Android aren't as common as you would possibly think, Shadow Fight is indeed one among the simplest fighting games available for your Android phone.

You can spend countless hours playing it in 1v1 combat, or maybe handicap fights that test your skills. Shadow Fight may be a great time killer and stress-buster.


4) Alto's Adventure

Alto's Adventure provides a serene and calming experience, as you snowboard down a mountain slope, jumping and evading obstacles.

Alto's Adventure is both exciting and calming, and is a stimulating android game with a gorgeous art style.


3) blockbuster 

Smash Hit is one among the simplest stress-busters, quite literally. blockbuster requires you to smash stuff along your way using metal balls.

the sport steadily progresses because the beautiful art-style and music around you changing as you progress within the game.

Smash Hit may be a good way to unwind while commuting or travelling, which makes it one hell of a stress buster.


2) 8-Ball Pool

One of the foremost popular activities and sports in real-life that folks often play to relax and socialise is Pool.

The Android version of the favored online game 8-Ball Pool, is simply as popular and even as fun.

You'll can pass hours playing the sport without even realising.

you'll play a game of pool together with your friends and people online, and you're bound to have an excellent time doing it.

1) Duet

is one among the foremost unique Android game experiences.

it's a hypnotic puzzle game that that does not throw outright puzzles at you.

Instead you would like to work out the way to maneuver your way through the obstacles during a given level, the music is simply as hypnotic as you carefully progress through the amount .

The game has an underlying story that's narrated with each progressing level, Duet is great game to play on your Android device.

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Ogwu delight - Sep 30, 2020, 7:52 AM - Add Reply

Shadow fight is the only intresting game there

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