Meet the most beautiful woman on earth

Bella Hadid.

  Born on October 9 1996 Isabella khair hadid's beauty has been globally admired and it's not a suprise after she was crowned as the most beautiful lady in the planet at large.

Image from Twitter

Image from Twitter

Though many arguments where thrown about her beauty has many believes she doesn't deserve to be named as the most beautiful woman in the planet, many people

has mentioned the likes of the Kardashians and Beyonce when it comes to beauty but the world however has acknowledged Bella hadid

as the most beautiful although it is still arguable as many girls are around the world that are very beautiful but unknown to the world,

Image from Facebook

Image from Facebook

  I agree that beauty of a thing is widely spread but the fact that a particular woman has been picked out of the entire world as the

most beautiful woman is indeed something to argue about and as we all know there are a lot of beautiful women out there

that can even throw Bella Hadid of her place but in my own opinion I will agree amongst all the women I have seen in life as Bella hadid's beauty has been termed beyond natural.

Image from Twitter

Image from Twitter

Bella's beauty is widely admired and she herself might be greatly honored by the name she has earned of course been widely known as the most beautiful woman in the world is a

great honor that any beautiful person will seek to have and of course been beautiful can be termed as a thing of grace and of luck as been beautiful has never been a choice or an option,

although it might come with genetics and heredity and Bella Hadid will indeed be proud of that, you can confirm it yourself from the given images.



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