BBN: Mercy almost nude on instagram Video and Nengi writes heart warming message to Davido

BBN: Mercy almost nude on instagram Video and Nengi writes heart warming message to Davido

Mercy who was the winner of the big brother naija season four show(pepper dem)  was spotted in Dubai yet again enjoying herself after her alleged breakup with boyfriend "Ike",

Recall her alleged marriage and breakup drama With I've Coupled with her Alleged  Marriage to an unknown Mr.

H, anyways let me bring up to speed,  mercy who was in a romantic relationship with another contestant of her season of which they even had a show titled "mercy and ike".

Mercy and Ike earlier in the month posted some post on their instagram story where they were both shading each other and when a fan asked Mercy if she was married, she said yes to Mr. H. 

That set the stage for the uproar on social media as some couldn't believe it,  some presumed it was a publicity stunt or it was probably for her show.

Neither of the two parties have come out to deny Or affirm any of the allegations labelled against them,

they have decided to keep their fans in the dark while the carry on with their respective

lives as mercy was seen to be having the time of her life In Dubai,  whether or not she's alone, we can't tell. 



Mercy pictures


She went on an instagram Live video where she was dressed in a sexy lingerie in a swimming pool Drinking while dancing in the pool.

She continuously professed love to her fans as she also gave a twerking session alongside her friend who later joined, 

the mega influencer took the opportunity of the instagram live video to also advertise Hawaii soap, a soap she was signed as a brand ambassador to,

she advised her fans to use Hawaii soap for smooth, bright and popping skin just like hers.

Even in her near naked lingerie,  her mercenaries couldn't help praise her beautiful body and encouraged to her to enjoy Herself and forget about her problems and worries.

They encouraged her to flex every bit of her vacation before coming back to the hustle and bustle of being an entertainer, a reality star and an entrepreneur.



Mercy pictures


In other news, Nengi who was a contestant on the big brother naija season five show And is known for her love entanglement with ozo Who another contestant on the show , 

wrote a very heart warming and beautiful message to star musician Davido,

which she Admonishes,adores and praises him and Even referred to him as her favorite Musician in the world and her legend.


Nengi pic


Davido who is the son of influential personality "Adeleke" has been known for his world wide recognition of musical talent, he is even attributed to be the king of the 30 billion gang. 

He woke to lots of gifts as he celebrated his birthday receiving loads and loads of praises and gifts.

He also recently released his album which was indeed a Stella performance from him. 


Davido pic

 A happy birthday to the young billionaire star. 



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