Are you a fan of horror games? Then what game do you think is the most creepy and scary ?

Playing horror games is fun, if you don't dare, you can invite friends or family, maybe you usually use them for the opportunity to chat or hang out.

Usually if you play the game, you and your friends or family will at least be shocked to the point that it looks like a shocked reaction on YouTube.

In fact, the moments of playing horror games can be very funny and you can record them for jokes.

In general, the outline of a horror genre game is closely related to ghosts and blood, right?

Yes, of course those who play horror-themed games don't always refer to ghosts, of course there are those who take advantage of psychological, criminal and magical supernatural horror which is of course equally tense.

Even though it is not liked by many people, not a few also consider this genre game as a virtual routine that creates a fear that is addicting because it has its own charm.

Yes, the feeling of horror is one of the attractions of the players who experience it themselves, which sometimes can lead to continuous addiction and constant curiosity so that it can finish until the end.

Well, a desire like wanting to be able to solve a mystery solved.

In general, the classification of horror video games, especially games today, mostly does not refer to the main pattern, the plot is thick with elements of fear in general, it can be said that it tends to the narrative theme itself.

For example, a horror game with a science fiction theme or a fantasy game that prioritizes a system based on its game style that takes elements of horror, which we also often encounter on PC platforms and playstation consoles.

Horror games are the only narrative-based classifications that generally don't follow the mainstream pattern, with the game's narrative genre label widely used for games designed to scare off players.

The horror aspect in this game is very broad, let's call it the literary aspect of the game. In any case, there are some particular zones inside the horror game order that have been distinguished as novel subgenres of horror.

This horror game itself consists of various classifications such as the following:

  • Survival horror

  • Action Horror

  • Psychological Horror

  • Jump Scare Horror

  • Reverse Horror

You have to know in advance about the effects and risks you feel when playing the game.

Horror games can find out your psychological side!

Sometimes the phobia of darkness and ghosts is a little different.

By playing horror games, you will gradually find out what phobia you really have.

Is it because of an invisible creature or a dark atmosphere.

You should only be afraid of some things and not all things, that's right, but sometimes you just don't know it.

By playing horror games often, you will find out what you are afraid of.

Maybe you are afraid of the dark, but not afraid of insects. Maybe the opposite.

From horror games, you can find out your fears.

One of the great things about horror video games is the general overuse of jump scare tactics.

Measure your level of fear

By combining psychological fear, this method is quite effective in surprising the player, with the desire generated by the player when surprised, of course we can analyze the extent to which their reaction in capturing the unexpected threat they feel in their instinct to interact with it.

What he considered scary, as a measure of the stability of the heart rhythm. Maybe we think of it as a virtual media device to monitor the player's heart rate in measuring fear levels.

Cardiac mediation

Research says pumping your heart faster than usual is very healthy, just like jogging. For Horror Gamers, his heart must be beating fast because of the jumpscare.

But also be careful if your heart is beating too fast due to fear (overdose anxietism), the story may not be getting better, heart failure and you will end up.

In addition to how the fear and threat of anxiety that you feel gradually and increase, you can burn about 200-300 grams of calories which is certainly a significant habit.

Given the traumatic effect, it moisturizes the cells of your white blood vessels, which will result in a weight loss effect as well.

Think of it as the traumatic effect of the stress you receive in playing a horror game.

Might improve health

Apart from activating white blood cells, the immune system also increases. That means you are not susceptible to disease.

In conclusion, playing more horror games makes you healthier and playing less makes you weaker.

Can manage anxiety in overcoming fear

But on the other hand, you will also be able to find out the level of your fear and in the end you may be able to train yourself to avoid things that you think are scary.

For example, if you are in a dark location. Because you are accustomed to the dark atmosphere in the game, then you will be bolder in the dark in real activities, yes, although not many people get carried away by suggestions because of horror games, this game can sometimes also be a manipulative medium, for certain people who have an impact on personality, psychological changes in certain aspects, especially anxiety and the nervous system.

In conclusion, you can exercise courage and confidence.

Accustomed to seeing absurd and disgusting things

The intensity of horror games may always be inseparable from things that smell of violence (think of it as something bloody) such as blood, human remains, corpses, etc.

With horror games as a tool to hone your courage, maybe you will make it a psychological routine in getting used to seeing these sadistic and terrible things so that you don't get shocked anymore, if they are presented in real before your eyes which can minimize post-trauma.

The brain can compete critically in analyzing problems

In addition, horror games usually come with puzzles that you have to solve quickly.

Those of you who play horror games will usually think more quickly and systematically, because you don't want bad things to happen to the characters in the game.

It also makes you more agile in acting, so your brain will tend to get used to being alert in response to active logical thinking.

So that you can get used to answering problems, be able to think critically and be more active in understanding a thought so that you can solve main problems to synchronize towards idealistic balance.

Here are some examples of creepy horror games in various narratives:

  • Silent Hill Game

A game produced by Konami, Japan. The game is quite in demand. Despite reaping a lot of criticism, it offers survival intrigue, puzzles, a riveting storyline, depiction of tense and unpredictable situations, and an ending that the players can decide on their own, making Silent Hill the most popular horror game. This game even produced up to five series.

This game tries to present a really dark story, which forces the audience to be carried away with fear and depression of the characters in it.

  • Blair Witch Game

A game adapted from a horror film of the same name (with the word project in it).

In this game, you will play as a former cop named Ellis who is investigating the mystery of the disappearance of a child in the forest of Burkittsvile.

Arriving there, he seems not aware that in the forest there is a supernatural terror that is very dangerous for his life.

  • Granny Game

Is a survival horror game, where players control themselves via the touch screen in first-person view.

The player's task is to leave the house or run away from the house within five days without being caught by the grandmother.

If the player is caught, then grandma will beat you and you pass out for a day.

So in essence, five days is the number of lives you have, and if you are still caught on the fifth day, be prepared to be killed by grandma.

I personally not a gamer or someone who likes to play games. But I try to play games as a place of relaxation in my spare time, so I can analyze myself and understand aspects of my personal psychological condition. Thank you for reading my long article.

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