Easiest ways to get your adsense pin in Nigeria 2021 methods

Getting your adsense address pin in Nigeria is not that easy. There are fews things you need to do before you can get your pin successfully.. this steps works perfectly if you follow the instructions.


Fastest way to get your AdSense  pin easily.


1. Before filling your address make sure you go to the post office for their zip code/ postal code.



2. Then fill in your address add your nearest City to your home. E.g 14 yaba road Yaba lagos.


3. Fill in the address line two. Possibly add your phone number. E.g. Tel 0810 550 3456 



4. Go back to the post office and collect the postman number and possibly give him 1k to help you monitor your pin.  Write down the address and tell him it's letter from Google AdSense. Possibly show him a sample letter.

5. Call him weekly to remind him of your pin. Your pin will reach you successfully.


You can always get any adsense pin from post office in Nigeria with the above steps and don't forget to read my latest articles from here 

thanks for reading. 


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