Adscollector Reviews Scam or Legit Registration Login how it works

I want to share with you guys how you can be earning from 1k - 5k daily with your smartphone just by clicking ads daily. This platform makes it easy for you to earn without any stress just share the ads link and you will be paid for every body that click on the link and you can earn from 1k - 5k daily with this amazing platform just by sharing ads link to people and get paid.
The name of this platform is called Adscollector, Adscollector is an online advert platform that pays its members for sharing ads link on there social media or to people and get paid from all the clicks you get on the link.
You can get paid from N10 - N20 per click just calculate it you get 50 clicks that 10 x 50= N500 or 20 x 50= N1000 in just 1 daynow imagine getting 200 clicks that 20 x 200= N4000, you could be making from N50,000 - N100,000 monthly with this platform and you can be making it easily without stress just with your smartphone sitting at home. Even some workers in the office don't earn that much monthly.

How To Register For Adscollector

1. Click here to visit Adscollector website

2. When the page opens press sign in with Facebook and fill in your information

3. Then you will be asked to verify your phone number verify it

4. After verifying your phone number press "Fix Email Address" in the next page and input your email.

5. Then a verification email will be sent to you to verify your account, verify it

6. After verifying your account you have successfully created your account.

How To Start Earning On Adscollector

Earn by sharing ads link:

1. On the right hand side of your account you will see a three dash sign press it "Start Earning"

2. After pressing start earning scroll down and you will see a page labelled "Earn By Promotion" then press "Start Here"

3. After pressing start here scroll down and you will see ads to promote then press the button "Promote" on the ads

4. After you've pressed the promote button you will see social media platform where you can share your ads link share them or you can press copy link and share to your friends and family member to click and earn.

Earn by starting a small biz

You can also earn on Adscollector by using your earning to sell Airtime, recharge data, tv subscrption, Airtime pin, Electricity pin. And you earn from 0.5% to 3% profit of the services you sell.

Earn by referring:

You can also earn from Adscollector by referring your friends and family to the site you earn N15 for every invite that N15 x 50 invite = N750 or more.

How To Withdraw From Adscollector

You can Withdraw your earnings from Adscollector straight to your bank and get paid within minutes. Just press withdraw earnings and input the amount you want to withdraw. Minimum withdrawal is N100

How To Add Your Bank account on Adscollector

Press the three dash icon in the right hand side of your account and press "My Bank Accounts" and you can add your bank account there for withdrawals.

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