A praying man or woman is a great warrior. Say this prayer and declare blessings in your life.



Do you know how to pray? 

How do you pray? 

Well prayer does wonders. 


say this prayer with your friends and loved ones to declare God's love upon our lives. 



"Father in heaven, I stand before you today in your omnipotent presence to ask that you grant me strength .      I wants you to give me strength to power through the tasks of the day >>>>>>>>>>>whether big or small >>>>>>>>>heavy or light >>>>>>>>>>>>>conspicuous or unconscious 


Because it's by your will that I live oh lord. 


And I know it's by your will that I will not go weak today. 


I will neither go lazy nor will I fail to do everything set before me because you strengthen me oh lord. 


Thank you for your everlasting presence Lord Jesus and it's in Jesus name I pray and believe...... AMEN 🙏🙏🙏"


A new day is a blessing from the almighty God and we need to dedicate ourselves before him to take control of our mindset in order to get his blessings more frequently. 



If you believe that God loves you and has blessed you through that prayer please share it with at least 10 friends. And if you feel that it has not blessed you just ignore and proceed with your activities.... Thanks so much for those who are going to share the love of the God to enlighten the world.... May God bless you abundantly .


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