The Prayer For Nigerians

It creates compression Prayer for Nigeria


O Lord of land, sea and wind

Lord of the earth and skies

Oh! Mighty lord up high


Look upon Nigerians with compassion

You brought us in, won't you lead us out?

The mighty lion of lions

Are you not the ruler of the jungle?

Though you read the heart of men

We know our heart is blank

Won't you reduce our burden?

He whose eyes don't blink nor eardrums cease functioning

Won't you listen to our cries of sorrow like those of a defeated worrior


If we ask anything of you

We will make ourselves worth receiving

We ask as recompense

Like a father who opens his arms to a worthy son

Give us as a compensation


I ask for the power in us

Like that of a thousand great worriors of old

Give the bravery of a lion 

Whose roaring shakes the forest

Give us the sight of an eagle

To oversee the deeds of fellow men

And make a go at opportunities

Give us the flight of a hawk

To reach height all dread


We ask for the courage of a camel

Who grunts but never weeps

We faced with challenges

We ask for the authority of the mid day sun

That none will look us in the face

We ask for illumination like the moon

That makes all things beautiful


If our wishes are impossible for you to grant

We offer our lives to you

We beg to return to mother earth

To be made dust

Where rest shall be forever

Where no step can be taken

We wish to return

Anyhow, anywhere and anytime


We Could Be Nine-Elevened

We are the giants of Africa

Yes, giants

Don't panic

Giants we are

Sango does not strike a spot twice

David can't fall Goliath

We are giants


There is still enough time for sleep


Not sleep, slumber

Who snores the loudest


Oga in that villa

Congrats sir you deserve one more term

Yes, be proud

You are one in a hundred of millions

A true giant



Don't wake up

It's ok

Don wake up

No nation can be like Nigeria

We grow while they don't

We are re-branded

And they hmm...unbranded

Please go back to sleep

Ado ok!




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