This incident occurred in the early part of 2019 as of then the case has been on ground,the whole story was narated by a man who was identified to be the father of the said victim whom is his daughter.

The story continue..as the father of the girl narated.

My daughter was invited by a boy name unknown to his place,of which she went to see him, reaching there he forcefully naked her and took a picture of her.

He treatened to make the whole picture go viral,if she fail to comply by giving him money anytime he asked for it.

This made the girl to agree and with fear she started giving out my money to those boys.

This continue for a long period of time of which no body knew what's going on, until i came to discovered that my money has been missing in my store.

According to his statement given,as an extract.

He thought it was the boy who is a junior to the girl that has been spending the money.

The junior brother was accused and same time drastic measures were taken.

Now at this point that I realized something is going wrong,I quickly change the position of money from were it's been kept.

Now that my daughter is about to write her jamb exam,I was about to send her across to a friend of mine place for lesson before the whole thing blown up as bomb,were by her friend who was to be with her wanted to help her out in this situation,by picking money from a lady hand bag twice and was suspected to be the one stealing,the girl who is said to be her friend was taken to the police for interrogation before she admitted to be the one collecting the money.

According to the man as he stated,an amount of #570,000 was given out after the whole calculation on how his daughter gave out the money.

The said boys were later caught and arrested by some security men who was on ground at that time.

Now after the arrest of these notorious boys who have gone into a criminal act by scandalizing a young girl of 15yrs,the elders and some of the top leaders at that time held a meeting and the whole thing was discussed in an agreed state were an amount was given to each of the boys to pay back, before they were later taken to the police.

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