6 Great Ways to Get Bitcoin for Free

Although the price of Bitcoin has dropped a lot compared to 2013, more and more people are eager to own Bitcoin. So what methods can be used to obtain Bitcoin?

The most common is to exchange fiat currencies for bitcoins, but the bitcoins obtained in this way are not earned. People want to be able to get Bitcoin for free. So here are 5 good ways to get Bitcoin for free, let’s take a look.


1. Bitcoin website

Although the actual payment fees of different websites are different, their prerequisites are the same, that is, users who want to get “free bitcoins” have to complete a small task — such as watching an advertisement or taking a survey, and which sometimes you only need to browse website.

The number of rewarded bitcoins is usually between 0.000001 and 0.00001 bitcoins, and the amount is usually in satoshis or bits. In order to prevent users from abusing the reward system of the website,

most websites only allow one user to use it once within a given time period. If the user wants to use it again, he must wait 15 minutes to an hour.

Want to know which websites provide such a Bitcoin reward system? You can click here to view. Some websites will send bitcoins to you instantly,

while some websites will send you bitcoins after you get a certain amount of bitcoins.

2. Bitcoin rewards


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Now, Bitcoin rewards are becoming more and more popular. There are many companies that provide bitcoin tipping services, such as ChangeTip, which allows users to give or receive “tips” on social media.

For example, if you like someone’s Weibo very much, you can mention @changetip and the amount of bitcoin you want to reward in your reply,

and then ChangeTip will automatically deduct the corresponding amount of bitcoin from your account to the author. The amount of rewards is usually small, about one dollar.

3. Bitcoin games

There are already many Bitcoin games on the market, and players can earn Bitcoin by completing game tasks. Such as Bitcoin Crush,

Bitcoin Hopper, Game of Birds. Bitcoin games were once considered to be the killer apps for Bitcoin.

These methods are more suitable for wool party.

4. Work to get Bitcoin


In fact, the bitcoin earned through work is not “free” because we have paid the time cost for it, but there are still many people who actually wants to earn bitcoin in this way.

Some companies have tried to use Bitcoin to pay their employees' salaries, and there are also many jobs that can earn Bitcoin.

For example, the Bitcoin special page of ReddNet has a page dedicated to such jobs.

Some users provide work on it, and some users provide services on it. Also, there are not many sites like WorkForBitcoins, but what is unpleasant is that there are often links to spam sites.

Never click on those suspicious links. In addition, you can also ask your current boss to pay your salary in Bitcoin.

5. Mining


Bitcoin mining is not as profitable as it used to be, but it is still profitable. Joining a mining pool is a great way to earn Bitcoin.

On the one hand, this method does not require very high computer performance, nor does it require such high electricity costs.



Joining a mining pool does not mean that you will be able to collect Bitcoin. Because the difficulty of mining is getting bigger and bigger,

but if you are more interested in mining, you can click hereto see how to mine Bitcoin, totally free: without any effort of yours or investment.

6. Use Bitcoin to earn interest

This method may be risky, but if you can use the correct and appropriate method to operate,

then earning interest with bitcoin is a good way to obtain bitcoin. But you need to remember that once your bitcoins are sent out from your wallet,

there is no way to get them back, let alone expect others to return it to you. Therefore, Bitcoin must be loaned out under guaranteed conditions. You can choose a reliable P2P lending website.

Before using a Bitcoin lending website, you must first understand the background of the website. The current Bitcoin lending websites include BitLendingClub, Bitbond, BtcJam, etc.

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