5 websites that pays you real money in Nigeria Ghana Kenya South Africa

In this article i will list out some legit platforms that pays you real money to perform some few tasks daily.

These are websites that have been existing over 5yrs now but many people have not discovered them yet while some of this platforms have sustained some people throughout this lockdown pandemic.



Websites that pays you real money



1. Lodpress

Lodpress.com is currently the trending one now you get paid for publishing articles on the platform you can earn from 5 to 15 dollars per 1000 paid views 


Lodpress users payments 



(2) Gramfree 

Gram is also a crypto currency just like Bitcoin, ethereum, litecoin, Tron(trx) etc.

One Gram is equivalent to 2dollars, so just imagine making up to 1k gram that would be 2k dollars.

Minimum withdrawal for Gramfree is 500gram which is equivalent to 1k dollars.


All you need to do is sign up with your Google email account perform some few tasks like freerolls,

smart contract, lottery tickets, and referral which you can earn 5gram for each person you refer to the platform.




(3) Sidegigs

This platform pays you for following their clients on Instagram and Twitter, note must be a valid Instagram/Twitter account with more than 2posts on your account.

You can withdraw your funds once they are up to 5h naira through airtime recharge or bank transfer to any bank of your choice.



(4) Faucetcryto

This platform also pay you in crypto currencies but unlike Gramfree you can withdraw your funds without delay,

all you need to do to earn is take daily survey, ptc, ads, play games etc.

 You can withdraw any crypto currency of your choice without delay or restrictions.



(5) Opera news hub

This is a platform for writers like myself, whose passion is to write articles and get paid for it.

But take note plagiarism is highly prohibited on opera news hub, fake news too is not accepted there all your articles must be written by you and must be from a credible source. Payments are made from 1st to 15th of every month, if you are a very good and talented writter that is the place for you.



(6) faucetpay

This site is similar to Faucetcryto, they are all under faucets. They also pay you in crypto currencies.

You earn by performing tasks like ptc, ads, short links, surveys etc.






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