5 ways to face exams (O'level and A' level)


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One of the things students fears I. School is examinations. Students fail exams not because they are dull or not serious but because they don't really know what to do and when to do it. Below are some of the things that will seriously help one to pass his/her exams:

1. Prayer: 

Yes, prayers. There are situations where students read and repair for exams very well but once he/she steps into the examination hall forgets what he/she read. That is way prayer is very important.

2. Personal studies:

One needs a personal time when he/she read what has been taught and what is yet to be taught, that will help the student to remember what was taught and also have an idea of what is yet to be taught.

3. Group studies:

Group studies will help students to learn from one another.No one knows it all, we all need one another at some point. Even if you know it all, group studies will help you to know what you know more.

4. Pass Questions:

Pass Questions will give you an idea of what to expect and that will help you to focus more on the areas that will give you more marks. 

5. Search: 

There are times when you will need more explanation on a particular topic which you may have missed or did not understand and there is this no one to help you. In just cases you need to use your smart phone or laptop to access some information about that topic. There are also some online learning platform that teach really well.

I have one for O level students check it below:

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