5 ways to secure your Facebook account, Instagram and other social networks from Hackers


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As Facebook and other social media gain more thousands of users daily with over 1 billion users with their vital information available to billions of others so also do some people see reasons to make money or to carry out some illicit behaviors especially by hacking into people's account, most vulnerable to this are celebrities, popular Clergymen, and even ordinary citizens account because of many followers they attracted.



Sometimes people hacked into these accounts to scam others in the name introducing them to some business that could generate them huge returns after investment. Some also hack into account to blackmail others.


Even with all the above mentioned, you can still protect your account with the following guidelines.



Many hackers got information to hack into your account if you are the type that saves your passwords on public devices, ie a cyber cafe of any other devices that you don't have total control over. Next time you are using a public device to log into your account please don't click ok on the save password dialog, because this automatically saves your passwords on the system 




Not saving your password on public device is just one means, hackers can also get into your account if you don't remember to log out of public devices. Always ensure you log out of public devices after all your activities before closing the browser and don't leave your contact number or email behind as these can be used to generate authentication into your account.




The feature allows you to receive a notification anytime you or any other person is trying to access your account either via your mobile number, mobile alert, or via your email to confirm if it was secure.

You can achieve these by going to settings on your FB account> Security&Login under this you will  Use two-factor authentication. This method allows you to be online for a particular session and automatically log you out. Many users will prefer to just have direct access to their accounts but are better going through these than losing the account completely.



Cleaning up your browser periodically is another good way to secure your account from hackers if you are the type that frequently visits unsecure web site like porn and torrent sites, cleaning up is very important because most virus and phishing activities are usually found on these sites. Some may find that stressful but you can save your self stress by downloading an adware removal tool to solve that for you. With this, anybody trying hacking into your account can't find information to do so.




Downloading an unsecure application or an application not from a trusted source is another way to expose your account to the hacker, most of these application allows access to data save on your device, eg Account number, PINS, passwords Etc, to prevent this just ensure you download an anti-virus, spyware and adware removers.



If your account is already hacked, don't worry just hit the follow button we shall be discussing how you can recover your account soon

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Chisom Ibeh - Sep 2, 2020, 2:22 PM - Add Reply

Very informative

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Dele Viktor - Sep 2, 2020, 3:13 PM - Add Reply

Thank ma

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Olamide Michael - Sep 2, 2020, 5:37 PM - Add Reply

Please how did you put many photos in your articles I have only been able to put one and it's just the thumb nail

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Lodpress - Sep 2, 2020, 9:06 PM - Add Reply

Now go to your settings and reset your browser app preferences. Clear cache data. There is update on the site

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Dele Viktor - Sep 9, 2020, 9:07 PM - Add Reply

Sorry just seeing ur comment, chat me up on WhatsApp on FB with the same name on this account . Cheer

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