5 Easy Ways To Earn N10,000 Per Week On Lodpress

Lordpress.com is currently one of the best  write and get paid latest paying site. The site pays you for writing articles, all you have to do is to be creative and well composed with your dictions.

Today, you will be learning how to earn massively on lodpress just by writing articles. 

 If you want to earn big on Lodpress, below are 5 things you need to know now:

1. Creativity:

 This has to do with the ability to create and invent something. As a Lodpress writer, you need to be creative and inventive. If you are the type that do plagiarise articles, you won't qualify as a writer. Lordpress.com is the best site that pays you for your creativity and originality. 


2. Diction:

 This has to do with the choice of words you use in your article. The choice of words must be simple, easy and straightforward. To earn massively on Lodpress.com, you must be articulate with your diction. The beauty of an article lies in its simplicity. 


3. Personal Information

 You must be careful when filling your personal information. This won't make you to have any problem with your withdrawal. Make sure your Opay number is correct if you are an Opay User. 


4. Be Friendly

 Try to be friendly as much as you can try in your article. Friendliness attracts followers. Followers attracts clicks, and clicks attract earnings. 


5. Do Not Give Up

 Continue writing for Lodpress, do not give up. Lodpress is doing its best and you should also do yours. 

 Thanks for reading. Kindly drop a comment and follow me up. 

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Ayelomi Olatomide - Sep 16, 2020, 10:44 PM - Add Reply


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