5 Confirmable Reasons Why Aba Enyimba City Is The Best Place To Live In Nigeria

5 Confirmable Reasons Why Aba Enyimba City Is The Best Place To Live In Nigeria

Aba is the most populous city in Abia State popularly known as Enyimba City.

It's inhabitants are mainly traders and meagre salary income earners. It is made up of Aba south, Aba north, Osisioma and other closer neighboring towns.


Although there are hundreds of more developed cities in Nigeria, none can be compared to Aba in terms of everything apart from infrastructural development.

You may find it very difficult to believe me until I unleash the 5 outstanding reasons why Enyimba City is the best place to dwell in the whole of the country Nigeria.

You can easily enter Aba through Umuahia, Owerri , Portharcourt , Akwa Ibom and Cross River.

The major Indigenes of Aba are known as Ndi Ngwa while others who are from other neighboring States but residing and doing business in Aba are also known and addressed as Ndi Ohuhu.

Having watered your appetite for more facts concerning Aba , let me pause to brief you on the 5 mind-blowing reasons why Aba Enyimba City of Abia State is the best city to live in Nigeria:

a. Road network : almost 95% of the roads in Aba are inter linked. There are so many linking and adjoining roads both in the urban and rural settlements in Aba. Although not well developed , these accessible roads lead to one area or the other.

b. Cheap accommodation : Aba is the only place in Nigeria where the lowest income earner can hope of being accomodated despite his meagre salary.

You can easily get one room self con in Aba as cheap as #6000 monthly payment for one year,

unlike other cities in Nigeria where you pay through your nose before having a common roof over your head. There are also many one room houses as cheap as #2500 and #3000 monthly.

c. Feeding Cost : With as small as #100 to #150 only , you can be sure of your one time feeding in Aba. Any mama put seller can offer you food worth the amount to your satisfaction.

Having up to #300 means you want to eat like a king. Which city in Nigeria can boost of that?

d. Community Security Network: there are well organized community Security outfits popularly known as ndi nche in Igbo language.

They are almost in every nooks and corners of the roads in Aba. Residents of Aba go to bed with both eyes closed unlike other cities in Nigeria.

e. You can easily succeed in small scale business enterprise in Aba no matter any obstacle.

Even hawkers make their daily bread via hawking.

Since Aba is trade based, it is very easy to buy and sell virtually anything just for survival. Be the last jury in this issue.

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