3 things you must know and practice as a child of God if you want to succeed in life.

As we all know their is nobody that doesn't want to Succeed in life, be it in business, academics, skill, etc.  But their are few things you must know if you really need to stand firm no matter the storm.

1.God is the giver of power to make wealth. Deuteronomy 8:18 having knowledge of these word will give you the strong believe that God is the one who blesses one.

Not by your struggle or smartness. (They are important) but he who created you have more better plans for you more than you have for yourself.

2. You must develop prayerful life: whether you believe it or not Prayer remains the answer to every challenge in life, God never forget his children Who pray wholeheartedly to him,

in the Altar of Prayer power changes hands. Many are suffering from many calamities in life due to they don't belief in Prayer or fill less concern in praying.

Importance of Prayer:

1. Ask and you shall receive: by means of Praying we ask as well receive our wishes from God. Jesus mentioned that we must ask if we wish to receive from the almighty, James 4:2

2. It helps us overcome difficult times: in the Altar of Prayer their is power, and when their is power victory is assured. Many people lives have been transformed from nothing to something, people like Jabez in the bible whose mother named (Jabez) meaning sorrow indeed Prayed  to God to enlarge his coast which God did, because he was with him.

3. Learn to invest not only to save: it doesn't matter how little or big it is, try hard to invest your money when you have the opportunity because only that will make you grow in life.

Benefits of investmenting your money:

1. It makes you not to squander your money unnecessarily.

2. It bring additional stream of income to you.

Thank you for your time.


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