3 Online Site To Earn Up To 30k Monthly

Today guys what am going to be sharing with you is 5 amazing sites in which you can be earning about 30k monthly just by using your smartphone from your various homes. Now know that this platforms am about to share are free and they pay well.

List Of 5 Platform To Earn 30k Monthly For Free.

1. Adscollector: Adscollector is a very amazing platform in which it pays it members for sharing links on there social media profiles. Now on Adscollector you will be given links to advertise and you will be paid by the number of clicks you get on that link, which means if someone clicks on your link and opens it you will be paid for that person clicking on the advertisement link.

And you get paid a certain amount per link depending on the advert. You could get paid N10 per click, N15 per click and N20 per click depending on the ads, which means if you are paid N15 per click and you get about 200 clicks that's N15 × 200 clicks= N3000 in just 1 day you see how amazing Adcollector is and you earn all this for free without any stress just share ads link to earn. Payment on Adscollector is also daily, and the minimum withdrawal is N100 straight to your bank account. You can also use your earnings to recharge your phone, pay Tv subscription and also light bills.

How To Register For Adscollector.

1. Click here to open the Adscollector site and press sigh in with Facebook.

2. Create an account with your Facebook account then fill in your information.

3. Then verify your phone number

4. After verifying your phone number then press fix email address in next page and a verification email will be sent to you then verify your email.

After you verify your email your account has been created.

How To Start Earning On Adscollector.

1. After opening your account press the three dash line above your account and press start earning.

2. After pressing start earning scroll down to where you see earn by promotion and press start here.

3. After opening it by press start here you will see ads to promote the click in promote on an ads.

4. After pressing promote you will see list of social media to share your ads link on share them or you can press copy link and share to your friends and the more clicks you get the more you earn.

2. Mobrog:

Mobrog is an online survey site in Nigeria in which people can make money daily from it by solving survey's for just 10 - 30 minutes. On Mobrog every survey pays differently but you can earn atleast 1$ from just 1 survey or more. Mobrog finds a suitable survey for each of its members and pays them well daily, on Mobrog you can earn from 5$ - 10$ daily depending on how available survey's are on your profile.

You can also withdraw daily from Mobrog with a minimum withdrawal of 5$ you can withdraw anytime.

How To Register For Mobrog.

1. Click here to open the Mobrog site and create an account.

2. Fill in your information and create your account.

3. After creating an account press the menu button and press survey to start solving survey's.

4. After opening the survey page then you can solve any survey available and you get paid once you've finished the survey.

3. Surveytime:

Surveytime is another online survey platform but this is way better than Mobrog so i advice going for this one first. Surveytime allows it member take survey for just some few minute and it pays 1$ for every survey you solve all survey pays you 1$ and you get paid to PayPal, Coinbase wallet, Amazon Giftcard or Target Giftcard but the best to recieve payment is Coinbase wallet, collect your payment as bitcoin so after solving a surve you will be asked for your Coinbase account email for your payment after you've finished a survey.

Surveytime pays fast no delay in payment and you always have fun solving your survey so i would say its one of the best survey sites out there.

How To Register For SurveyTime.

1. Click here to open the Surveytime site and press start now to start registering.

2. Register with either Facebook, Google, Twitter or with your Email.

3. After that fill in your information and finish setting up your account.

4. Then you will be shown if you have a survey available to solve and start earning.

This are some of the best ways to earn 30k monthly for free on this amazing platforms.

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