3 Legit Ways To Earn Money Online Without Stress

There are many ways to earn money during the lockdown, but many of us aren't aware of this.

Most of these ways to make money during this pandemic do not require any special knowledge just like many people may think, and these ways are very easy.

Although using the methods to be stated below will help more to those who have more knowledge in those areas.

Below are the ways to earn legit money online




Lodpress allow writers to write articles and get paid instantly for your valid paid views. If you are from Nigeria Ghana Kenya South Africa Tanzania you freely welcome to join lodpress.


And not all lodpress works world wide if you are from India Pakistan euro, America you are also welcome to join lodpress.com.

There is no fee for registration it is totally free. You can make more than $300 monthly if you write unique useful articles. 



Google Admob


First of all, what is Admob? Admob is a place for developers or app programmers whereby google gives you ad codes to place on your app, and whenever people click on the ads in your app you earn.

Google AdMob is a very great way for earning money, but it is generally for those who are developers, and with this system,

you can earn more than $100 and can withdraw once your earnings are more than $100, but you might think, how can I use Admob when am not a developer?

That should not be a problem, you can contact a developer to create an app for you, an app that people can engage in,

once you get your app, you can tell the developer to place your ad unit codes for you so that you can start earning.


Article Writing And Selling Gigs

There are many ways to earn money writing articles, you can write articles for many sites like copywriting.network and Fiverr.



Fiverr is one of the most populous sites to share your skills and sell gigs to get money. Those skills can be skills like logo creation, translation,

writing articles and blog posts, programming, and so on. So whatever skill you have, don't keep it to yourself, go out to Fiverr and start making money.


Affiliate Marketing



Of course, this is also a great way to make money online. All you do is create awareness and recommend other people's products to the public and you get paid a percentage after a successful sale.

Sites or places you can be an affiliate are, whogohost.com, bluehost.com, warrior plus, click bank, and so on.

There are so many of them out there where you can be an affiliate and so many ways to make money online, so on your start.

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