3 games to play to relieve stress

3 games to play to relieve stress

After the stress and the hustle and bustle of the day's work and you want to relax and unwind,


They are lots of exercise to do to relieve stress,but for the lazy ones like me who doesn't have to exercise and want to release stress and tension,

These are the five games you need to play

1) Candy crush

With the ever ending stages of Candy crush,it will get your brain relax and unwind from stressful taught and activities,to make your mind and body relax and concentrate on the game

Allowing your body to release stress and rest

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2) Scrabble game

With this games,it will sure put your brain to work while you are relax on your bed or chair, keeping your concentration on the game and taking your mind away from work activities

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3) Angry bird

This game keeps you on your chair and take your concentration from all work of life,there by making you relax and have fun while release stress





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