10 Reasons Why Most People Will Not Get Rich

Virtually,  everyone wants to be rich in this life or at least be comfortable with the life they are living. Most of us work mainly for the life enriched with freedom, and we can only attain those kind of free life we choose when we are rich. 



At the time of our childhood, many of us really view ourselves as future millionaires and billionaires and usually figure out a particular occupation or luxurious job we can do to be able to achieve this kind of affluent life we foresee at that time. 


But, along the line in latter stages of our lives, we most time find those kind of lives uncomfortable or uneasy to achieve and we seems to be uninterested and settle for an average life.


Below are some of the things limiting many of us on our different journey to achieving the desired luxurious lives we usually want. 

Below are the 10 common reasons why most people may not get rich despite desiring to be: 


1. Being Too Scared of Failure to do Anything 

Fear is an illusioned emotion instituted in us either through the kind of environment we live in or some previous experiences we have passed through in our lives.  




When we are still very young, we believe we can achieve virtually everything we want,  we aren't really scared of embarking on or doing any new things because we are confident at those tender age.


  Many people may not get rich in their lives because they are afraid to take risk which is very imminent in achieving most things in life.  People are scared of doing new things in their lives. 



2. Taking Advice from Unsuccessful People 

There are some kind of people we look up to either as our role models or mentors due to their level of goal attainments in life.
We usually take advice from those people but most people usually affect themselves adversely when those advices are sourced from wrong,
unsuccessful people, 
people whose level of success is below our predetermined goals and aims in life.  

3. Focusing on Saving Instead of Earning 

Most people think developing  consistent saving habit will usually deliver them from poverty. They think saving ensures a life of wealth and sufficiency.
I am not insinuating  inculcating the good habit of saving is not good but we should made the act of earning our foremost goal because it is when we earn that we decide to save. 
Those money diverted into savings can be invested to make more money. We can make money works for us when they don't seat idly in our bank accounts. 

4. Assuming Rich People Just Got Lucky 

Many people believes people who are rich comes from wealthy family.
This is not most times true because according to various researches,
many wealthy people comes from various average or low-level background and that low level background is what usually boost their Morales of building a life different from the ones they find themselves in. 

5. Failing to Make Any Investment 

As discussed earlier, Investment remains one of the key financial actions that guarantees a life full of wealth as in this case,
we employ our money to work for us, in the process,  we build various streams of income while we go ahead in our various daily works. 

6. Not Setting Any Financial Goal 

As the popular sayings goes, "A person who fails to plan,  plans to fail". In order to be rich and financially self-sufficient, 

One should set financial goals and objectives at every time of ones life to have something to stick to.  



You should also set up deadlines in achieving those financial aims. You should have a predetermined net worth level you want to reach in your lifetime. 


7. Spending More Than They Earn 


This has proves to be one of the major causes why many people despite trying their possible best to be rich and be financially independent fails to reach that level of financial status they desire for them selves.  Many people leave above their means.



If you look at most people that are in the middle level of financial category,  they display themselves extravagantly and live ostentatious lives.  

Many rich and affluent individuals that we know like Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos are people who don't physically look like they are multibillionares.

  They live below their means and that's why they are still classified as the most richest in the world. 

8. Constantly Making Excuses 

If you look at most people that are living in the middleclass and those in the lower income bracket,  they find excuses most of the times in doing new things.



As discussed earlier,  these people are afraid or reluctant to make new moves and taking risks is a trait that is usually ascribed to or associated with most people that are known to be rich.

They don't easily find excuses when taking a new step or about to make a big decision in their lives.  

9. Not Learning New Things 

If we look at the lifestyles of many rich people, they are find around books, they build libraries in their houses as they are always hungry to acquire new knowledge about life.



They are not tired of learning new things compare to most other people in the lower class,

they prefer to find all means in acquiring a Large Inches Television than Purchasing Good Books and Enrolling for New Courses that might change their lives. 


10. Lacking Self-Discipline 

The Journey through attaining financial independence is a rough one that requires high level of discipline to keep on forging ahead as it is not an easy task. 



There are many ups and downs in the processes and only the confident and the disciplined ones are usually the fortunate ones. 

All these reasons mentioned earlier are usually why most people may never get rich. See you later in another article.

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