10 Common Ways Men Cause Their Infertility Without Knowing.


Men are amazing creatures. Looking at their responsibilities as the head of a home and a procreator, the importance of their reproductive health cannot be over emphasized.



When it comes to men reproductive health, sperm is the male reproductive gamete in humans and play a very important role in fertilization.



Consequently, some daily and common  activities carried out by men could cost them their infertility. This is because these activities damage the human male sperm.

Below is a list of 10 common things men do unknowingly that may lead to infertility in the long run.


Tight under-wears.

Wearing tight pants and shorts keep your testicles closer to the body,

leading to warmer temperature that may kill sperm cells and lower sperm count. Instead of tight underpants you should wear free cotton boxers.



 Hot baths.

Bathing with hot water isn't uncommon in very cold regions, but doing this frequently would expose your testicles to heat,

hence reducing your sperm count. In fact if you're worried about infertility, it's advised to bath with cold water.


Consuming Steriods.

Steroids taken to stimulate muscle strength & growth can cause testicles to shrink, this then leads to reduced or inhibited production of sperm.


Operating Laptops.

Technology gadgets like laptops are very useful and preferred because of their efficiency.

Sadly, regular and long term placing of laptops directly on the lap is dangerous because of direct heat transfer from the laptop's battery to the groin area.Instead try placing and operating laptops on a desk.


Poor Body Hygiene.

The Carelessness of a man with his body through unprotected sex or irregular & poor body hygiene could make him get infectious diseases like HIV and gonorrhea e.t.c.

These infections would cause scarring and inflammation, hence blocking the passage of sperm.


Poor phone usage.

Mobile cell phones when used in the proper way are very beneficial, but poor usage of it is detrimental. Electromagnetic fields and other radiations emitted especially from

Wi-Fi connected phones cause scrotal hyperthemia and could lead to abnormality & change in sperm genetic code leading to overall infertility.

Others include :

7) consumption and abuse of hard drugs like cocaine, marijuana e.t.c

8) Sitting for too long.

9) Alcohol intake and stress.

10) Varicocele which is the swelling of the veins that drain the testicle.


Men should take important precautions like avoiding exposure to high temperatures, excessive substance abuse, obesity and stress, as well as regular checkups to ensure sustained fertility.

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