10 android offline HD games with graphics that can rival PC games

These list contains mobile games whose graphics are on par with console games and can be played without internet.


1) Car x highway- 

Car x highway is a realistic street racing simulator that takes place on different highways with traffick on both sides.

Players are usually chased by cops during races and can also play as cops and hunt down racers. It is a mission based game and it has some sort of story connecting the missions.


Space required- 500mb


2)Eisenhorn xenos-

Set in the futuristic world of warhammer 40,000, eisenhorn is an action adventure game

that follows the story of the book 'xenos' the first book in the eisenhorn trilogy. In the game, out can decide to confront the enemy head on or you can play with stealth.


Space required- 3gb


3) Titan quest-

Titan quest is a popular PC game that was ported to mobile. It is a hack and slash action RPG game set on the ancient world and it has an

open world setting in which players can switch between locations like ancient Greece, Egypt or Asia. You can choose between main quests and side quests in more than 60 hours of gameplay.


Space required- 1.5gb


4) Horn

Horn is a fighting adventure similar to the infinity blade on iOS. The players has to battle large creatures called pygons in order to find out what happened to his villagers and restore them.

The fights usually involve making attacks by slashing on the screen and dodging by tapping buttons on the left or right part of the screen.

Space required- 2gb


5) Deus ex the fall-

Deus ex the fall is an android game that features stealth and first person shooter elements. It is based on the console version of the same name.

It gives the player the ability to interact with the environment and make choices that affect the final course of the games story.

Space required -900mb



6) The last remnant-

the last remnant is a turn based strategic RPG game developed by square enix originally for the Xbox 360 but later ported to Mobile.

Players control the protagonist who is in command of various troops and can give them commands on how they attack the enemy. 

Space required- 6.1gb


7) Infinity blade saga-

A lot of people know infinity blade as an iOS game but they don't know it got an android port.

Infinity blade is an action RPG game with unique swordfighting mechanism that has been adapted by several games. It has movie like cutscenes with various bosses.


Space required- 1gb


8) Pascals wager-

Pascals wager is a third person action RPG game with impressive visuals and complex fighting mechanics. It plays a lot like the PC game dark souls and comes with cinematic cutscenes and great bosses.

Space required- 5gb


9) Evhacon 2-

Evhacon is an action RPG game made by retroverso games and powered by unreal engine 4. It features an organized battle system and team based gameplay.

Space required- 500mb


10) Epic of kings-

 epic of kings is also another game similar in gameplay to infinity blade and it features the same slashing with the screen and dodging mechanics. It spans over twelve levels with a comprehensive story and fully animated cutscenes.


Space required -1.5gb

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